Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm less than $600 away from my Fundraising Goal!!

Happy Friday the 13th!

I cannot flippin' believe that less than 2 weeks with blasting emails and facebook posts that I am less than $600 away from reaching my fundraising goal of $2600!!

I am officially at 78%. I cannot be any happier. Now my goal is to reach my goal BEFORE training starts. My first day of training is Saturday May 19th.

That way I can focus on helping my Mentees reach their goals so they can have fun training for the triathlon.

I know there are other people fundraising for various different charities and here are my top tips:
- E-Mail blast to family, friends, coworkers. I only reached out to people that I can imagine wanting to help out but you'll still be surprised who will help. If you are unsure if they going to donate and don't want to reach out directly that's what Facebook is for...
- Constantly posting your website and status on Facebook will create more urgency
- Don't feel bad reaching out to people that said they were going to help out but haven't- they may have forgotten or been busy but it's okay to nudge them!
- Doing a FUNDRAISER! I've set one up through Aqui's- where 20% of proceeds go to you. All people have to do is come out and eat! Easy enough.

I'll leave you with an inspiring Triathlete photo. That will be me come September!!