Friday, June 25, 2010

Mission Peak Accomplished!

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven't been hiking for so long. My last hike was probably Runyon Canyon in LA so I'm so glad I had today off work and my friend Secira to do a hike with.

We went to Mission Peak in Fremont and we decided to go nice and early at 9am so that the sun wouldn't be beating on us an it was such a great idea. I've heard so much about this trail that its completely uphill and then when you get to the top you feel this satisfaction. All of it is true!

Mission Peak Regional Park in Fremont. Nice and early on Friday at 9AM.

We didn't even attempt to run the entire way up. It took us about 2 hours hiking up and then 45 minutes to come down hill. We ran a little bit on the way down but you have to be careful not to eat it! I am feeling completely sore but I am happy I did this work out.

The cool thing with this trail is you got to see some cows, squirrels running around, and just nature at its finest.. BUT you have to beware of the scary stuff out there too like SNAKES! I am not a super nature person and have not really been exposed to stuff like this being from LA so it was pretty scary. My friend Secira almost STEPPED on the snake! We backed up and let the thing slither slowly across out path. We saw a guy that said the snake was harmless because its not coiled up. Okay it was still scary though! We survived and moved on. We kept looking at the ground though!

Waiting for the snake to cross out path.. scary!

I have been missing the last few weeks of Team Challenge group practices on weekends but I make sure to do my training so that I will be fully prepared for my half marathon weekend which is coming up in less than a month! I'm getting so anxious for it!

Beautiful view of the Bay. We are only halfway up to the top at this point!

Its nice to know that I really do feel that I can accomplish running a half marathon. When I started training in March of this year it seems like such a high and scary number. At this point the most I have done is 11 miles and even though I was sore towards the end of the run and after it was a good sore and I welcomed it.

Mission Peak Accomplished! All the way to the top!

My training has been going great and I've met so many great people. I get so excited when I meet other people that are into the running scene because it encourages me to keep going. Knowing that this is NOT a fad and a lifestyle change.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I'll be at a wedding in Livermoore tomorrow! Congrats to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kristie and Keith Donavan!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 Miles- I win

2 more days until I join my beautiful sorority sisters for a weekend full of dancing, drinking, and taking pictures in Vegas! So I'm missing yet another Team Challenge group practice on Saturday but I make sure to keep up with training during the week!

Happy Hump Day for me where I completed 11 miles! Its really exciting to do a new distance and then when you're finished not only say you did it but realize that you can. I ran at Los Gatos Creek Trail. My favorite trail to run around here because their are rolling hills, tunnels, lakes, a dog park, etc. Just lots of things to look at while you're running so you can get distracted.

For the first time going for a run I actually felt nervous doing 11 miles like wow can I do this? Then I shook off the nerves and just went for it. Whats the worse that could happen? I do a run/walk. I'm proud to say that I did run the whole thing- slow at times but I did it. It took about 2 hours to do the whole thing.

Some of the things I realized during my run:
- I have to put my fuel belt really tight and make sure it stays pushed down by or past my hip bones in order to not bounce. I also face my fuel belt to the front where most people turn it towards the back. Its a preference thing for sure.
- Energy gel does work! I was getting fatigued by mile 7 and when I took it I felt okay for mile 9 and on. Plus its a nice way to distract yourself by trying to scarf down this weird textured item while running.
- I really need to remember to wear a visor or hat! The sun in my face was really annoying.
- I want to invest in sporting sunglasses so that they don't slip off my face while I'm running.
- I want to make sure I have 2 energy gels during my run.
- I need more than water during these long runs- I will try Gatorade next time.
- How much music is so important and can really motivate you to keep going. I LOVE my playlist. I put a lot of effort into high energy music I enjoy.
- Saying out loud YOU CAN DO IT helps. I try to do this when their is a period of time where no is around so I won't get weird looks. haha.
- When it hurts- SMILE. Puff out your chess, look forward, and just smile. It totally helps me be positive.
- When you see a hill, don't be alarmed because what goes up must come down. So yes the hill sucks but the downhill will be awesome.

Okay TONIGHT is another night I'm taking off from working out. LOL I've only worked out twice this week and the rest of the week is not happening because of fun festivities. Just one of those weeks.

Tonight two cool things are happening.
1. Going to a Team Challenge Mentor Recruitment meeting! The ability to come back to Team Challenge participants and help them reach their fitness and fundraising goals just like they helped me is so intriguing! Hopefully I am qualified and am able to do it this upcoming season because the next event is LAS VEGAS HALF MARATHON in December!

2. NBA FINALS TONIGHT!!! My Lakers have made it all the way to a Game 7 and we are looking to bring back another ring tonight. This would be Kobe Bryant's fifth which ties him up with Magic Johnson and one less than the all time great Michael Jordan. A lot is at stake because this is against our rival Boston Celtics who embarrassed us in 2008 with a 39 point blowout in the 6th game. If we win it would be Lakers 17th championship and if Boston wins it would be their 18th. So us winning would make us tied up for Championships. Thats what we want closer to be dominant. We are coming back for revenge and our REPEAT. Wish my Lakers luck tonight. Its all or nothing tonight!

Winner takes this big trophy home! Go Lakers!

My beloved starting line up for the Lakers

Saturday, June 12, 2010

AT&T Plate to Plate was super duper fun!!

I had so much fun today! The weather in SF was amazing, somewhat hot for running but seeing SF have perfect weather is just amazing in itself.

Battle of the Bay with my Boo. A's VS Giants

With my sorority sister Andrea before going to the starting line

This is a super legit race! The Plate to Plate race benefits Project Open Hands which serves the San Francisco and Alameda community living with HIV/AIDS, the homebound critically ill, and seniors. Project Open Hand provides meals/groceries for people with symptomatic HIV/AIDS or breast cancer, meals for homebound/critically ill people under the age of 60 and congregate lunches for people over 60 years of age.

Running Buddies!

This race has a 5k and half marathon but I wanted to save my half marathon efforts for Napa to Sonoma since I am specifically training for that one with Team Challenge. I definitely want to do the half marathon for this next year. Its a really pretty course along the Embarcadero and fairly flat for San Francisco.

Thousands of people ready to start

Cheerleaders cheering us on along the path!

It was cool to meet up with my now friends Paul and Jeorge that I met from my FIRST race the 5k in Chinatown in SF back in February. Our second race together! We're all race buddies!

Finish Line! Ready to cross at home plate!

Lou Seal!

Since I registered early I was able to get a free ticket to the Giants game the day before the race and also and opportunity to pick up my race packet since I could not pick it up the day before. It was a great game too because it was Battle of the Bay- A's VS Giants.

I really wanted to beat my time from my 5k PR which was 33:33 but alas I did not. My time for this race was 34.26 :( One of these days I'm going to do 30! I really enjoyed running with my friends though and getting to finish at home plate!

Home Plate baby!

We also got a medal at the finish line too! What a nice surprise. Oh and dri fit t shirts! How awesome is that. Way better than the typical race cotton t shirts. They are also fitted for men and women instead of unisex. I am definitely coming back to do the half marathon!

Doing races is so much fun because you are done by 10AM and then you have the rest of the day to relax and do whatever. It makes me feel so productive. I went to the Baker Beach in SF and got my tan on. Life is great.

Summer I love you!

36 days until my half marathon!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Muddy Buddy was SUPER FUN!

I am officially more tan and sore from Muddy Buddy yesterday!

I seriously had so much fun and so glad that Tina agreed to be my Muddy Buddy!

Before the race with our matching outfits- we didn't even plan it!

Waiting for our turn to go to start..

Off we go! I started biking while Tina ran..

We got up at 5AM to get ready, load my bike in her car and were on the road to Mount Hamilton in San Jose. It was pretty close to me so not a far drive and when we got there we got even more excited because of how many people their were and the cool costumes they were in.

First Obstacle- climbing over a wall

Second obstacle- balance beam

We met up at the third obstacle- climbing up a wall and sliding down the other side.

Final obstacle- getting muddy together!

We were really prepared for the race wearing our not so nice shoes, having a change of clothes for after, and also using a disposable camera. I have not used a disposable camera since maybe middle school and people that I asked to take our picture was not used to it either with the winding and clicking and the not being able to see if the picture took or not. haha. The pictures turned out great though.

Me and Tina went into this thing wanting to have the most fun and of course trying to do our best. It was both of our first times and for sure we are gonna doing it again.

The event went in waves which was great so the path is not congested. We were the 9th Wave so we were waiting for a little bit but they had loud music to entertain us which was awesome. I decided to ride the bike first while Tina ran and then we would switch at the obstacle course. We switched about three times before going through the mud together at the end. Oh my gosh the first leg was SUPER tough for me. I don't have any training with bikes really other than riding a bike around UCSB campus in college. Its way different because that was on pavement and flat while this was a dirt road, narrow path with runners, and super hilly! I def had to hop off my bike at some points and walk my bike- along with 75% of others as well.

Official Muddy Buddies!

The obstacle courses were really fun and of course the mud part at the finish line was the best. The event was highly organized and at the end we got two beers each! We got to talk with other people where this was their first time to some who have done it 5 times. We also got to hang out with the guy that won first place! wow! I'm definitely curious to see what our time was but def 2 hours plus. The race was no joke! I thought I was moderately in shape but the heat and biking was intense.

If you never done Muddy Buddy I would highly recommend it!

This week is my 10 miler! AHH! Since I won't be able to make it to practice on Saturday because I'm doing the At&t Plate to Plate on Saturday I'll have to do it tomorrow or something. Its so intense to keep piling on the miles!

Congrats to all my friend and everyone who did the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon this last weekend too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer is Here Baby!

I am so freaking happy that it is summer. I am so over the rain. I've never dealt with so much of it. The Bay is no joke when it comes to the horrible weather but of course it could be worse. We definitely don't get this much down in LA that's for sure.

Oh it was a hot day today even at 8:30AM!

Today was recovery practice and we did 4 miles at Los Gatos Trail. The hills killed me. I was disappointed I wasn't able to run the entire thing- the heat was just too much for me.

Okay let's go all the way to the top..

We had a great clinic after our workout where we were taught about how to properly stretch before and after your workout. Its also important to stretch when you're not working out. We got to test out some foam rollers and it really gets to do the tender areas! I totally recommend it.

Going to the top of the dam was worth it! With Mentor Sean

I'm glad that we only did 4 miles today because I have MUDDY BUDDY tomorrow with Tina! I'm so excited for it! I got my bike checked out to make sure its running well, I bought my disposable camera, and I have my outfit laid out.

6 weeks until our half marathon in Napa!

Oh and this hot weather is amazing!!

More pictures from today's practice here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Muddy Buddy in 3 days!

I am getting so excited about doing Muddy Buddy on Sunday with Tina!

Tina is one of my Team Challenge teammates that was willing to brave this event. My friend either have done this before or have no desire to do it. It just seems like too much fun to pass up. How often do you get to trudge through mud in a high energy environment?!

When I was recruiting people to do this race with me I found out that not only was Tina willing to do this Muddy Buddy thing with me but we went to the same college- University California of Santa Barbara and graduated the same year! 2007! Coincidence? I think not!

I dubbed our team name to be Gaucho Girls. Gauchos are our college mascot. Its an Argentinian Cowboy. Ole!

What I'll really miss is being able to take pictures! I'm definitely not taking my camera and making sure I wear my ratty tennis shoes, shirt, capris etc. I'll have to depend on the photographer to do their best work there!

I'm excited to look like these ladies int he below picture! Haha. My biking abilities are really rusty so hopefully the trail isn't too crazy and the people won't be trying to run me off the road but should be too bad since the whole course is 6 to 7 miles.

This will be me and Tina in 3 days! haha

Thank goodness this week is recovery week and we're only doing 4.5 miles! Woo!