Friday, June 25, 2010

Mission Peak Accomplished!

Happy Friday everyone!

I haven't been hiking for so long. My last hike was probably Runyon Canyon in LA so I'm so glad I had today off work and my friend Secira to do a hike with.

We went to Mission Peak in Fremont and we decided to go nice and early at 9am so that the sun wouldn't be beating on us an it was such a great idea. I've heard so much about this trail that its completely uphill and then when you get to the top you feel this satisfaction. All of it is true!

Mission Peak Regional Park in Fremont. Nice and early on Friday at 9AM.

We didn't even attempt to run the entire way up. It took us about 2 hours hiking up and then 45 minutes to come down hill. We ran a little bit on the way down but you have to be careful not to eat it! I am feeling completely sore but I am happy I did this work out.

The cool thing with this trail is you got to see some cows, squirrels running around, and just nature at its finest.. BUT you have to beware of the scary stuff out there too like SNAKES! I am not a super nature person and have not really been exposed to stuff like this being from LA so it was pretty scary. My friend Secira almost STEPPED on the snake! We backed up and let the thing slither slowly across out path. We saw a guy that said the snake was harmless because its not coiled up. Okay it was still scary though! We survived and moved on. We kept looking at the ground though!

Waiting for the snake to cross out path.. scary!

I have been missing the last few weeks of Team Challenge group practices on weekends but I make sure to do my training so that I will be fully prepared for my half marathon weekend which is coming up in less than a month! I'm getting so anxious for it!

Beautiful view of the Bay. We are only halfway up to the top at this point!

Its nice to know that I really do feel that I can accomplish running a half marathon. When I started training in March of this year it seems like such a high and scary number. At this point the most I have done is 11 miles and even though I was sore towards the end of the run and after it was a good sore and I welcomed it.

Mission Peak Accomplished! All the way to the top!

My training has been going great and I've met so many great people. I get so excited when I meet other people that are into the running scene because it encourages me to keep going. Knowing that this is NOT a fad and a lifestyle change.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I'll be at a wedding in Livermoore tomorrow! Congrats to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kristie and Keith Donavan!

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