Monday, June 7, 2010

Muddy Buddy was SUPER FUN!

I am officially more tan and sore from Muddy Buddy yesterday!

I seriously had so much fun and so glad that Tina agreed to be my Muddy Buddy!

Before the race with our matching outfits- we didn't even plan it!

Waiting for our turn to go to start..

Off we go! I started biking while Tina ran..

We got up at 5AM to get ready, load my bike in her car and were on the road to Mount Hamilton in San Jose. It was pretty close to me so not a far drive and when we got there we got even more excited because of how many people their were and the cool costumes they were in.

First Obstacle- climbing over a wall

Second obstacle- balance beam

We met up at the third obstacle- climbing up a wall and sliding down the other side.

Final obstacle- getting muddy together!

We were really prepared for the race wearing our not so nice shoes, having a change of clothes for after, and also using a disposable camera. I have not used a disposable camera since maybe middle school and people that I asked to take our picture was not used to it either with the winding and clicking and the not being able to see if the picture took or not. haha. The pictures turned out great though.

Me and Tina went into this thing wanting to have the most fun and of course trying to do our best. It was both of our first times and for sure we are gonna doing it again.

The event went in waves which was great so the path is not congested. We were the 9th Wave so we were waiting for a little bit but they had loud music to entertain us which was awesome. I decided to ride the bike first while Tina ran and then we would switch at the obstacle course. We switched about three times before going through the mud together at the end. Oh my gosh the first leg was SUPER tough for me. I don't have any training with bikes really other than riding a bike around UCSB campus in college. Its way different because that was on pavement and flat while this was a dirt road, narrow path with runners, and super hilly! I def had to hop off my bike at some points and walk my bike- along with 75% of others as well.

Official Muddy Buddies!

The obstacle courses were really fun and of course the mud part at the finish line was the best. The event was highly organized and at the end we got two beers each! We got to talk with other people where this was their first time to some who have done it 5 times. We also got to hang out with the guy that won first place! wow! I'm definitely curious to see what our time was but def 2 hours plus. The race was no joke! I thought I was moderately in shape but the heat and biking was intense.

If you never done Muddy Buddy I would highly recommend it!

This week is my 10 miler! AHH! Since I won't be able to make it to practice on Saturday because I'm doing the At&t Plate to Plate on Saturday I'll have to do it tomorrow or something. Its so intense to keep piling on the miles!

Congrats to all my friend and everyone who did the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon this last weekend too!


  1. this looks like so much fun! i'll definitely be adding one of these to my list : )

  2. ... and you smiled through the entire ordeal. Bravo for you!