Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running While on Vacation- Napa tonight!

So I am taking a mini vacay with my sorority sisters and some of their friends this weekend in Napa! I will be missing yet another Team Challenge Group practice this weekend and this time it was in SF :(

I'm actually going to try to check out the course that I will be running for my half marathon in July this weekend!

Even tho I have been really busy with random stuff, I want to stay true to the practices we have to do in order to be ready for the half marathon in July so I will run on my vacation! I think that takes A LOT of energy. I mean working out sounds like such a chore but I think if you think about it more like a routine and something you HAVE to do like brush your teeth or eat then its not so bad.

I'm hoping the weather will be nice and after my run I will congratulate myself with some wine tasting. Can't go wrong with that!!

Oh since I got into Nike Women's Marathon I won't be doing San Jose Rock n Roll because they are so close to each other but if anyone is doing that I have a promo code for $10.00 off that expires on July 31, 2010. Feel free to use it.

Register Here

Promo Code

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Sure to Run Even When Life Happens

I am proud to say that I am on Week 6 of my 16 weeks of Training with Team Challenge! I have been able to stay consistent in running either on my own or designated practices and then going to the Team Challenge Group Practice Saturday Mornings but really it can get soo hard!

I missed last Saturday's practice at Los Gatos Creek Trail because of my good friend's wedding happening that day in San Francisco but instead of flaking out on it I decided to go to Los Gatos Creek Trail 1 hour and a half before the team practice and meet up with them after my run was done! I am so happy I did that. I got 7 miles out of the way and was just ready to hit the wedding running! (haha not really but you know)

So if you have never run Los Gatos Creek trail you must! Its such a fun path. There is so much greenery, you can run across bridges, around a lake once you get to that area,etc. There were so many people out by 8AM and the weather was nice and cool- not too hot yet.

So when I was running my 7 miles I realized that I am side stitching a lot. You know when your side just cramps up. Why is that happening? I figured it has to do with my breathing and/or hydration. Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I have to stop but most of the time I just run a little bit slower and try to focus my attention on something else and it eventually goes away. But boy is it annoying!

This week is going to be hard to stay on my 4 to 5 days of working out. Thankfully yesterday I ran around the track at Campbell Community Center and got to chat it up with Sean and Twyla there. Today was a bust because again life is in the way of working out. But tomorrow I am making it to my Step class and I HAVE to get up early on Thursday to get my run in. I must!! Also I will be headed to Napa this weekend so I'll make sure to get my 3 mile run out there to.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews

Okay before I get my weekend started I wanted to quickly review Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews in Watermelon Scream Flavor.

I did not like them at all. I put some in my jacket pocket on my 5ish mile run yesterday just to test out how they taste and made me feel and yes it did give a boost of energy but it was sooo sticky. It was sticking to the side of my teeth and I literally had to rip it off and either spit out or swallow whole. So I'm pretty much done with that brand. The taste was okay but not definitely not worth enduring that nasty sticky-ness.

I'll let you guys know what I think of other chews. I haven't ventured on to the GU stuff but I have a feeling I won't like it. But I'll test it out when I test out running in shorts. haha. We'll see.

Tomorrow morning I'm running 6ish miles and then heading to my friend's funeral in SF!! Its gonna be a fun filled weekend!!


Okay I'm sorry for the uber sad post about not getting into Nike Women's Marathon. I guess I assumed way too prematurely. So I think what happened was that my friend that got her credit card charged a couple days ago was because she was part of a group. Individuals have been informed today.

Below is the e mail confirmation I got from Nike! I was jumping with joy! Notice how they messed up on the coding and it didn't personalize my name in the e mail. Hate to say it but Nike needs to step their web development game up. Their website is so all over the place. Its really hard to find what you want- you have to navigate everywhere.

In case you don't know about Nike Women's Marathon. It is a marathon in San Francisco that has become crazy popular. This year will be its 7th year with about 20,000 people running in San Francisco. This is a race focused on women that supports The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in terms of raising funds and awareness.

Its going to be a jam packed weekend!

Every detail of the Nike Women's Marathon has been planned with a woman in mind. Who could resist:

_Official finisher necklace designed by Tiffany & Co.
_100% recycled Nike Dri-FIT finisher T-shirt in women's sizes (unique for both full and half participants)
_Lavish three day interactive Expotique in Union Square
_Breathtaking course views starting in Union Square and ending along the Pacific Ocean
_Extraordinary on-course support and entertainment
_Post-race celebration at the finish line including food, music and more

Race Date:
Sunday October 17, 2010

Start Location:
Union Square, San Francisco at 7AM

Finish Location:
The Great Highway (at Lincoln) by 1PM

Half Marathon - $115 (I'm doing this one!)
Full Marathon - $135

The Expotique and packet pick-up will be held in Union Square, at Geary & Stockton Streets, on the following dates and times*:

Thursday, October 14th
4pm – 8pm

Friday, October 15th

Saturday, October 16th

So this race is so popular the fews ways to get in are:
- random lottery (can enter individually or with a group- can't do both or you will be disqualified) (The lottery was April 5 to 16, 2010)
- Team in Training (joining a group that will help you train while raising about 2600.00 - more or less depending on travel expenses)
- Syncing your Nike Plus and being part of a contest (this doesn't seem like a sure bet but it was on the site.)

I got in by lottery! I feel super special to get in- 40,000 people apply and only half get in. The lottery system has become so popular recently because of the popularity of marathons. I am so happy that people are choosing to be active while supporting a good cause!

So far a few of my friends have gotten and a few haven't but I do believe there is a way. I really wish that EVERYONE could get in because we'd all have so much fun but I say either try by doing TNT or trying to participate in the Nike Plus. If not do commit yourself to another race! Keep up the good work!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Nike Women's Marathon For Me :( but Happy Earth Day!

I had totally put the idea of getting into Nike Women's Marathon out of my head until my friend facebooked me last night saying.. Did your account get charged for the Nike half? I saw it tonight! I immediately checked my bank account and lo behold I had the same amount of money.. :/ I've never been so sad to see more money than I expected!

I really wanted the Nike Women's Marathon to be my second half marathon because its just so woman empowering and c'mon who can say no to Tiffany's Necklaces handed out by firemen in Tuxedos?! That's amazing! Other than the goody bag it is going to The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and we need to keep fighting these diseases together.

Honestly I understand the lottery system just to be fair BUT I think it should be first come first serve! I set my alarm clock to make sure I entered the lottery right when it opened up. I mean with a lottery it doesn't make a difference. I know a lot of spots are saved for Team in Training but I would not be able to do that this year since I joined Team Challenge. I have grown a fondness for Team Challenge so I would not do that. Thats why I was REALLY hoping on getting in! sigh. I'm sure I'll get over it soon. It seems A LOT of people don't get into Nike Women's Marathon and countless other Marathons that are happening around the country that have become crazy popular.

So at this point I'm thinking alternatives for my second half marathon. Any suggestions? Some of the ones around the same time that I am thinking of are:
- San Jose Rock n Roll (early October)
- Disneyland Half Marathon (September)
- Los Angeles Rock n Roll (late October)

Those are some options. It would be cool to do San Jose because it is so local but it would also be cool to do something in LA because I am from LA and have yet to run any races there. I've only done AIDS Walk and Revlon Walk/Run 5k. This would be my chance to explore Los Angeles as a runner. Just some things to think about.

So this week I have only run no Monday :/ I am going to run today no matter what! Weather on the treadmill or outside! I feel like a slacker.


When I think of celebrating Earth day I think of the cartoon Captain Planet and the mantra recycle, reduce, reuse! haha. I think it is so important to preserve mother nature and I try my hardest to recycle and use reusable bags. What are you doing to celebrate mother nature today??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mermaid Series 10k Results!

OHH I forgot to tell you my results for my first 10k!

Official Time: 1:09:11

This is great because I told myself to get it done in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes! I'm all about setting realistic goals and beating them!

So my next 10k I will aim for 1 hour or less!

Setting goals is so fun in life right? Then when you achieve them it feels so nice. I think thats why I love races so much.

Monday at Campbell Community Track with Jilly!

Monday came around so quick I totally didn't feel like working out BUT I reminded myself that I bought this dang dress to wear to my friend's wedding that hugs my nooks and crannies that I must hit the workout circuit HARD this week.

My goal is to workout Monday through Saturday and then rest on Sunday. Day after the wedding and also my best friend's bday!

Finally I got to workout at Campbell Community Track in my fourth week of training with Team Challenge! The last couple of Mondays have been horrible weather. Yesterday it wasn't raining but it was quite windy and cold!

The only two that showed up were me and Jill and we had a good time! Jill is a walker and I am a runner but after a warm up walk up lap with her I decided to run on my own. But then I decided you know what- how often do I get to hang out with Jill?! So we walked about 2 miles worth of laps together.

I got to learn a lot more about Team Challenge and how its been a part of Jill's life and I look forward to growing with Team Challenge too.

After Jill left I decided to keep running since the sun was still out and I was hoping eventually lights would come on at the track. I ran about 15 laps- 3.5 miles and did some bleachers and some exercises using their on site playground equipment which was pretty cool.

Running on a track did get pretty boring but it was fun to people watch and listen to my music. Also the track gave me the opportunity to work on my speed. It was a good Monday workout.

4 more days until my friend's wedding in SF!! I am so happy for her and her future hubby!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First 10k- DONE! An official Mermaid!

Today I completed my third race! Also it was my first 10k! I did the Mermaid Series 10k at Shorline, Mountain View at 8:45AM and it was the perfect day! The weather was perfect for running and I'm feeling a good sore right now. Also my family got to cheer me on at the finish line for the first time and that meant a lot to me.

We got to pick up our race packets the day before at Sports Basement and got 20% off. I swear I am living at Sports Basement. From having Team Challenge clinics there, needing some type of sports accessory, and now picking up my race packet I'm there every week! Other than racing itself I absolutely love the goody bags you get from these things! We got a really cute bag from Overland Equipment and you could have chosen grey, brown, blue, and red. In the bag you got some Luna Bar samples and some other coupons and advertisements from races. Not that many free samples but we did get a really cute shirt that I wouldn't just use working out. At the finish line we got this super cute necklace with a cute charm that says Mermaid Series and Run4it that matched black women's fit tee with the same lettering on it.

My friend Secira decided to do the race with me and I was so excited because this was her first one! I remember just two months ago I experienced putting on my bib, timing chip, the race buzz and anxiety, etc. When we started she ZOOMED ahead of me! I was hoping to be the same pace with her and felt bad for myself for a mile or so thinking wow this is her first race why can't I keep up?? Then I drew inspiration from the zip up hoodie I bought from the Mermaid booth from the morning that says. "Find your Happy Pace" I shouldn't have gotten down on myself for being slower than my friend because I am so proud that she came out to race for herself and that we got to experience it together. So I got over myself. haha. It just gaves me the opportunity to get better! I'm anxious to know what my time was so I can beat it on my next 10k!

Of course the race was staggered with half marathoners starting first, 5k, 10k, then mini mermaid run. These girls were soo adorable. My friend and I loved how the race was so women empowering! We were so awe-ed at seeing the women that were carrying their babies with them or using one of those super duper strollers.

The run itself was scenic with the lake/swamp to watch and distract myself. They had enough aid stations with either water, energy drink/food, etc. There were half marathon, 10k, and 5k turn around so you had to split the path with people running in one direction and the back the other direction. At some points it got somewhat congested so that was a bummer. But eventually I was running solo, enjoying my music, and the scenery. I'm glad the sun never came out because the breeze felt good. I did probably eat about 20 bugs tho! They kept swarming in front of people's faces and since I breathe through my mouth.. umm yeah. Oh well. haha.

I'm proud to say that I have never run 6 miles before and I did it today and I didn't stop. Yes I run pretty slow but my main goal is finishing and my second is improvement. I figure it'll come with experience.

I also got to try out some energy chews on my run and it definitely is not that big of a deal to run and chew at the same time. haha. I was smart to make sure the baggy was open in my pocket already!

I'm so happy tomorrow I get to rest my body again. Then its back on the grind on Monday! Running Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Cross training/active resting on Tuesday and Friday- resting on Wednesday aka doing long overdue errands like getting my tires checked and oil changed for my car.

One of my best friends is getting married this Saturday in SF so I have to work out hard to fit into this dress I bought! haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is It Better to Run with a Buddy?

Look what article I found on Yahoo Shine!?

Becoming a runner: Is it better to run alone or with a buddy?

This is the perfect article for me because I think about this all the time! Since I've joined Team Challenge I have been trying to run with people on my practices but its so hard for me!

I either fall behind because I am slower than the other person or I am faster so I slow down so we can run together.

I do like running with someone when we are around the same pace because we push each other. If I slow down and see the other person faster then I will attempt to catch up and work out harder which is great!

I think what it is is that its hard for me to run with people and talk at the same time. I just breathe too heavy to try to run and talk at the same time. I end up just nodding my head at what you say. haha.

So do you guys like running with someone or are you like this person in this article and like to run by themselves?

I think running with someone better gives you opportunity to get better, running with someone slower gives you chance to keep them motivated, and running by yourself gives you relax time.

I see pros and cons in all. :)

Okay off to run. My last run for the week before my 10k on Saturday!! Tomorrow I will do a Turbo Kick Boxing class and then rest on Friday completely.

One more day and my family gets here!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I Am Not Running..

Since training for this half marathon I've been trying to work out 5 to 6 times a week. Its so important to make your workout a routine and as part of your day. You wouldn't go a day without eating or brushing your teeth right? Okay that's extreme and obviously life gets in the way but I try really hard to make it happen. Weather that means trying to work out during lunch, waking up extra early, or going to the gym for 45 minutes. Whatever just do it! I keep telling myself it'll pay off.

With Team Challenge there are places and people to run with Monday through Thursday in Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, etc and then on Saturday we have our group practice. So I try to hit up these practices 3 times a week.

So what do I do on those other days? On those active recovery/cross training days?? I TAKE GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES! I LOVE taking classes at the gym. I am down to try any class once. I have a gym membership at 24 hour fitness and all of them have different classes at different times. I obviously have had some favorites and wanted to know if anyone is into group exercise classes too and what kind they like! I am down for suggestions for sure!

I love high cardio workouts that get the blood flowing, lots of high energy music, and jumping around!

Some of my favorites are:
- zumba
- step
- turbo kick boxing
- spinning

I'm not super into yoga as my main workout but I do enjoy it after a good workout to relax. But the poses can be super hard! Don't assume its just glorified stretching because people that do handstands are hard core!

Some of the classes that I'd love to try this year are:
- Bikram yoga
- Pilates
- Afro Belly Boogie
- Masala Bangra
- Aqua Class

OH! I tried Pi-Yo yesterday which is pilates and yoga and my abs are feeling it today! My core sucks so I'm glad I'm doing something to enhance it. haha.

So I work out at the following 24 HR fitnesses in the Bay. I'm letting you know so if you happen to be there you'll look for me. I have included their schedules for you too!
- East Arques in Sunnyvale
- Super Sport (MY FAVORITE!) next to Bay 101 in San Jose
- Moorpark in San Jose
- Fremont on Sunnyvale

24 Hour Fitness Instructor Recommendations:
- Akiko for Step and Turbo Kickboxing
- Miggy for Zumba
- Shirin for Spinning
- Vicky for Strength Training

These instructors may teach other classes too but those are the ones that I have taken!

Let me know what you guys do active recovery and cross training! Can't run everyday! ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ready for the Sun! But they do call it April Showers..

Yesterday we had our Team Challenge Group Practice at San Thomas Aquino Trail at 9:30AM. This is our third week of practice and I look forward to it every week because of seeing everyone. I'm happy to see some new faces that just joined too! Welcome Brian and Peter (and maybe a few others that I haven't met yet...)

This practice was recovery so we did a little over 3 miles. The wind was super strong so that was somewhat of a challenge to run in but I love training with the rolling hills on the concrete. I thrive on those because when I see a hill I try to get myself amped up to get it over with.

Bel and Brian came back with the Spirit Cape and it looks fabulous! They had some super cool iron ons- monkeys and a skull and on the front. Super creative. This week's recipient- Jan will have to make sure to top it! No pressure! Congrats Jan for being $35.00 away from reaching your fundraising goal! It motivates me to keep asking people.

I realize that in the next couple of months I'll be pretty busy so I am going to dedicate myself to making sure I practice running even if I can't make it to practice. I know its super easy to slack off but if I'm going to get stronger and better I need to put in the work! I will be missing next week's practice but only because I'll be doing my first 10k for the Mermaid Series! It will be my first time running 6 miles as well. My friends Secira and Princess will be joining me!

After our training we had a nutrition clinic at Sports Basement. I learned A LOT about drinks to have before, during, after the race. Also about energy gels, chews, and sports beans! The recommendation from the instructor was that everyone's body is different and reacts differently so take advantage of training and figure out what you like to use best. The important thing is to stay hydrated and make sure you are replenishing your body with what it is burning while you're working out.

I'm excited to try the following during training:
- GU Energy in some fruit flavor.

- Power Bar Gel Blasts- you can go to their website and get free samples here!

- Honey Stinger Chews in Fruit Smoothie Mix

- Lets not forget Jelly Beans Sports Beans!! How cool does this sound!

My biggest thing is trying to figure out if my stomach can handle the gels or the chews or beans. Also when I am running will I prefer to squirt something in my mouth or chewing on something without choking? Let me know what you guys use and end up liking!

I'm so glad that after the nutrition clinic we went to Specialty's Deli in Santa Clara! Having lunch with Randy, Bel, Brian, Peter, Brian, and Audrey was great because I got to learn more about them. Hopefully we will do another lunch!

So it started raining cats and dogs today! Grr. I was finally looking forward to going to practice at Campbell Community Center Track but I may have to train on the treadmill. Boo!

On the awesome note I am now at 71% of my Fundraising Goal $1840.00! If you haven't donated please do!

Here are the rest of the pictures from Team Challenge Practice! As always please feel free to take any of them and use them on your own blogs, letters, e mails, donation page, etc. Thank you for letting me take pictures of you!

Friday, April 9, 2010

1 week away from being an official Mermaid!

Okay so I won't turn into a mermaid but how cool would that be? I used to love watching The Little Mermaid and I thought Ariel was so cool! Anyways its 1 week away from my first 10k in the Mermaid Series in Mountain View next week!

I'm excited for this because another Team Challenge teammate Kathryn will be doing a 5k and I also some friends that may be doing the 10k with me. I obviously am not that good with running with others because I'm such a slow poke but I love experiencing fun things with other people. Also my family will be here and they'll get to see me run for the first time!

I got this welcome newsletter from the organizers of The Mermaid Series today..

" Hello Mermaid Athletes!

The hills are green, the wildflowers are out and spring is in the air. Get up, get outside and enjoy the beauty. Nature is calling and so is the start line for our Mountain View 5K, 10K, Half Marathon on April17th. The trails will be buzzing as over one thousand Mermaids kick up their heels.

Mermaid Run Mountain View
Join in the excitement and start your spring with some 100% Mermaid fun at the Mountain View run. "

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Join the Food Revolution! America let's fight against Child Obesity!

You guys are going to laugh but I'm a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian clan for that matter. I follow her blog pretty much on a daily basis and if you guys haven't noticed her in the media she's been doing tons of stuff to promote a health lifestyle!

Some of her ventures have been fitness DVDS- Fit In Your Jeans By Friday which I bought and tried. I also went to her signing! She's the face of Carl's Jr salad, Quick Trim, fitness clothing, etc.

Her most recent venture which I feel passionately about is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

This is the message from Jamie Oliver
" The American Food Revolution needs to start now! If you care about your country and the health of its children please help us make a difference. We need your support to get people back in touch with food and keep cooking skills alive before it's too late. We want to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. It's proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids the junk food must go. I need to be able to show The President and industry how many of you out there really care about this issue so please don't wait, sign up today. It will only take 30 seconds.

America's health needs you!

Thank you. Please forward this to your friends, family, classmates, teachers, colleagues and anyone else who you think cares as time is short."

When I was younger I used to play outside- rollerblading, skating, basketball, swimming, and nowadays we are so wrapped with our computers, xboxes that we forget the best exercise is outside.

Let's fight child obesity.

Please sign the petition here! I have!

Running Has Become Therapeutic For Me...

At today's practice at Cisco we did about 4 miles and it felt good. Granted I run really slow and the guys said thats okay- slow and steady is okay I felt so slow compared to them. Is it possible its because my stride is shorter because my legs are? haha.

I realize that I am really not good at having conversations while I'm running. I am what you call anaerobic which means I just don't have enough oxygen to run and talk at the same time. Instead I end up putting my head phones on and just zone out. I take that time to enjoy my music, my scenery and putting my body in auto pilot to run.

A lot of running is a major mental thing. Your body is so much stronger than you think but when I start running and I think about how far I have to go, when I'll get to drink water, do I have to go to the bathroom?, am I running too slow? too fast? I tell myself to STOP!! The longest I've ever run in one session was 5 miles so to me 13.1 sounds overwhelming but I know I can do it. With adequate training and making sure to not get injured its all really possible.

Some of the songs I've been bumping hard on my hot pink shuffle are:
- 143 by Bobby Brackin and Ray J
- I'm a Be by Black Eyed Peas
- Rude Boy by Rihanna
- Don't Stop Believing by Glee Cast
- Dancing in the Dark BY Lady Gaga

What do you guys listen to when running if anything at all?

Tomorrow is my recovery day so I'll be at Turbo Kick Boxing or Zumba. See everyone at the Group Practice on Saturday at San Thomas Aqunio Trail in Santa Clara!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team Challenge Practice at Cisco Trail Tuesday April 6, 2010 at 6:30PM

My first Team Challenge practice of the week was at Cisco! This was my first time meeting with this group and I had a lot of fun. Pretty good turnout and wow talk about a HUGE campus! Cisco in San Jose goes for cities! I think it runs in Santa Clara, Milpitas, and San Jose.

Okay I decided to pretty much kill myself with doing two workouts. I don't know why I thought I would be fine. I took step class for lunch and then for team practice we did 3 miles and it hurt! My legs were burning and I was going so slow. It was kind of a disappointing workout for me because I just felt so behind compared to the rest of the group.

I just need to relax and not be over anxious. Plus this run was on gravel and I'm paranoid about my ankles since they are sensitive and the least thing I need to do is get injured!

The Cisco trail was interesting because it was on gravel, super windy, and right next to this open creek. I like running in the evenings a lot.

This week is supposed to be our recovery week so we're doing about 3 miles but I really can't wait to push my body and go for me. But I understand it needs to be gradual!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is your BMI? (Body Mass Index)

I was reading this article about the US being the third fattest country and it makes me so sad. I feel like with our day and age even kids are obese because with technology not many kids are spending time outside being active.

Well of course thats where Obama comes in because he wants to get more money towards after school programs to keep kids active and out of trouble.

So this article by Global Post called: Behold the World's 10 Fattest Country

This is measured through BMI (body mass index) a calculation based on a person’s height and weight. I don't know if I would use this chart to determine is you are "normal" or "overweight" just because I am pretty short and for the longest time I fell in the "overweight" category but I don't think I was THAT big. So anyway if you are curious about your BMI here is the calculator.

I am making little efforts to be more active like when I go to Target taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking my car further so I'll walk more, sitting on a balance ball for work, finding classes that I like at the gym so I'll be encouraged to go, telling people that I am going to the gym so they can hold me to it. What are you doing to be more healthy?

We can do it together!

Treadmill Workouts when the weather sucks!

I love going to the gym but since I joined Team Challenge and have been running more outside I love that way more! I never realized how boring being on a treadmill could be!

I found this great article on Yahoo Shine: How To Get the Best Results on a Treadmill

Here are the 6 Steps they want you to follow.
1. Set a Time Goal
2. Set a Schedule for frequency
3. Establish a challenging baseline pace
4. Increase your speed over time
5. Increase your incline
6. Identify and maintain your target heart rate

I am happy to say that I do some of these things already! I mean running on a treadmill is not the greatest because sometimes the impact on my knees and ankles can really hurt BUT its great because you can use it no matter what the weather is and then also do other workouts at the gym like weights.

My gym (24 hour fitness) also has treadmills where there are individual TV sets which makes it great to watch Oprah or a Laker game ;) Make sure to stay focused tho! When I lose focus I realize I am not working out nearly as hard as I could.

My goal on a treadmill is distance. I try to increase the distance by half a mile or a mile each week to challenge myself. I'm less focused on time than on longevity since I'm training to run this 13.1 mile beast in July.

Do you guys prefer treadmill or running outside? What are the pros and cons of each?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Team Challenge Practice Run on Stanford Campus Saturday April 3, 2010 at 8:30AM

We had our second weekend practice today and I had so much fun! I really look forward to going to these new trails and really putting my body to the test. I feel that coming to these practices makes sure that I don't slack off. Its like the group is holding me to my abilities. Which is a great thing.

We ran around Stanford Campus in Palo Alto and the weather was pretty chilly but after a mile it started to feel good. Stanford Campus is beautiful. I am really happy that it did not rain this morning. The campus is huge!

We had a pretty good turnout even though it is a holiday weekend with Easter on Sunday so a lot were out of town but that gave me a chance to introduce to people I haven't met and talk to the now becoming familiar faces.

Breanne had some announcements before the run and that was to congratulate Brian and Bel for having over 1k donations this week! They totally deserved the Spirit Cape and I was honored to pass it on to them. Brian even wore it throughout the run!

While running around campus I found myself running alongside Makund so he become my running buddy! It was nice having a running buddy because when it got somewhat tiring you had someone to talk to and if they sped up it made you speed up too.

Running around campus was close to 4 miles but then we decided to do 1 lap around the Stanford Cobb Track and boy is that thing cool! The all weather track is amazing to run on. It felt so soft and goo-ey. Definitely can not get used to running on that because it would be so hard to adapt to rolling hills and concrete paths and what not but it felt good.

When all the runners and walkers came together Randy had us do some great hamstrings, calf, quads, hip flexors, and glute stretches. After the practice run Randy also e mailed the Team Challenge team saying the importance of flexibility, stretching, and icing the area that may be in discomfort after a run. It got me thinking about myself making I don't go overboard and injure myself for the half marathon!

Something he said to remember is PRICE!
P - Prevention
R - Rest
I - Ice
C - Compression
E - Elevation

Have you guys ever used a roller before? I am curious to start using one!

I had a great practice and can't wait for next week's back at San Thomas Aquino Trail and waking up an hour later! haha. We also have another clinic at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale.

More pictures from today's practice here!

On that note check out this whiny dog at the track. lol. Poor thing was soo whiny!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Team Practice at Los Gatos Creek on Thursday April 1, 2010 at 6:15PM

My first mid week run outside! It felt so good! I experienced a lot of first times on this run and I'm all about trying things out for the first time and seeing if I like it and what not.

The only people that showed up for this Team Challenge run was me and my mentor Deanna! Its okay though because we got to talk about a lot of things related to running and just life in general.

Los Gatos Creek trail for the most part was really pretty with all the different greens but odd because there was a lot of graffiti, the tunnels were kinda scary, and some clothes were strewn by the creek. I enjoyed the up and down hills and we ran at an easy pace and did 3 miles.

Some of the new experiences I had on this run that I have surprisingly have never done before:

1. Run with someone and without music- this was interesting because I tend to breathe really heavy so I kinda of had a hard time being a good conversationalist. haha. Sorry Deanna!
2. Running with a cape. I wanted to represent Team Challenge with the spirit cape I was given but it kinda choked me. woops!
3. Running without music. It was interesting to not have music because I was able to notice my surroundings more with all the nature sounds oh and hearing people and the cars. haha

Needless to say I had a lot of fun and look forward to longer run and challenging my body.

Today is my "rest day" and I'm doing Turbo Kickboxing at lunch!

Tomorrow is our weekend practice at Stanford track! woo hoo! Bright and early at 8:30am on a SATURDAY!