Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday at Campbell Community Track with Jilly!

Monday came around so quick I totally didn't feel like working out BUT I reminded myself that I bought this dang dress to wear to my friend's wedding that hugs my nooks and crannies that I must hit the workout circuit HARD this week.

My goal is to workout Monday through Saturday and then rest on Sunday. Day after the wedding and also my best friend's bday!

Finally I got to workout at Campbell Community Track in my fourth week of training with Team Challenge! The last couple of Mondays have been horrible weather. Yesterday it wasn't raining but it was quite windy and cold!

The only two that showed up were me and Jill and we had a good time! Jill is a walker and I am a runner but after a warm up walk up lap with her I decided to run on my own. But then I decided you know what- how often do I get to hang out with Jill?! So we walked about 2 miles worth of laps together.

I got to learn a lot more about Team Challenge and how its been a part of Jill's life and I look forward to growing with Team Challenge too.

After Jill left I decided to keep running since the sun was still out and I was hoping eventually lights would come on at the track. I ran about 15 laps- 3.5 miles and did some bleachers and some exercises using their on site playground equipment which was pretty cool.

Running on a track did get pretty boring but it was fun to people watch and listen to my music. Also the track gave me the opportunity to work on my speed. It was a good Monday workout.

4 more days until my friend's wedding in SF!! I am so happy for her and her future hubby!

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