Saturday, April 3, 2010

Team Challenge Practice Run on Stanford Campus Saturday April 3, 2010 at 8:30AM

We had our second weekend practice today and I had so much fun! I really look forward to going to these new trails and really putting my body to the test. I feel that coming to these practices makes sure that I don't slack off. Its like the group is holding me to my abilities. Which is a great thing.

We ran around Stanford Campus in Palo Alto and the weather was pretty chilly but after a mile it started to feel good. Stanford Campus is beautiful. I am really happy that it did not rain this morning. The campus is huge!

We had a pretty good turnout even though it is a holiday weekend with Easter on Sunday so a lot were out of town but that gave me a chance to introduce to people I haven't met and talk to the now becoming familiar faces.

Breanne had some announcements before the run and that was to congratulate Brian and Bel for having over 1k donations this week! They totally deserved the Spirit Cape and I was honored to pass it on to them. Brian even wore it throughout the run!

While running around campus I found myself running alongside Makund so he become my running buddy! It was nice having a running buddy because when it got somewhat tiring you had someone to talk to and if they sped up it made you speed up too.

Running around campus was close to 4 miles but then we decided to do 1 lap around the Stanford Cobb Track and boy is that thing cool! The all weather track is amazing to run on. It felt so soft and goo-ey. Definitely can not get used to running on that because it would be so hard to adapt to rolling hills and concrete paths and what not but it felt good.

When all the runners and walkers came together Randy had us do some great hamstrings, calf, quads, hip flexors, and glute stretches. After the practice run Randy also e mailed the Team Challenge team saying the importance of flexibility, stretching, and icing the area that may be in discomfort after a run. It got me thinking about myself making I don't go overboard and injure myself for the half marathon!

Something he said to remember is PRICE!
P - Prevention
R - Rest
I - Ice
C - Compression
E - Elevation

Have you guys ever used a roller before? I am curious to start using one!

I had a great practice and can't wait for next week's back at San Thomas Aquino Trail and waking up an hour later! haha. We also have another clinic at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale.

More pictures from today's practice here!

On that note check out this whiny dog at the track. lol. Poor thing was soo whiny!!

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