Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Sure to Run Even When Life Happens

I am proud to say that I am on Week 6 of my 16 weeks of Training with Team Challenge! I have been able to stay consistent in running either on my own or designated practices and then going to the Team Challenge Group Practice Saturday Mornings but really it can get soo hard!

I missed last Saturday's practice at Los Gatos Creek Trail because of my good friend's wedding happening that day in San Francisco but instead of flaking out on it I decided to go to Los Gatos Creek Trail 1 hour and a half before the team practice and meet up with them after my run was done! I am so happy I did that. I got 7 miles out of the way and was just ready to hit the wedding running! (haha not really but you know)

So if you have never run Los Gatos Creek trail you must! Its such a fun path. There is so much greenery, you can run across bridges, around a lake once you get to that area,etc. There were so many people out by 8AM and the weather was nice and cool- not too hot yet.

So when I was running my 7 miles I realized that I am side stitching a lot. You know when your side just cramps up. Why is that happening? I figured it has to do with my breathing and/or hydration. Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I have to stop but most of the time I just run a little bit slower and try to focus my attention on something else and it eventually goes away. But boy is it annoying!

This week is going to be hard to stay on my 4 to 5 days of working out. Thankfully yesterday I ran around the track at Campbell Community Center and got to chat it up with Sean and Twyla there. Today was a bust because again life is in the way of working out. But tomorrow I am making it to my Step class and I HAVE to get up early on Thursday to get my run in. I must!! Also I will be headed to Napa this weekend so I'll make sure to get my 3 mile run out there to.

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