Friday, April 9, 2010

1 week away from being an official Mermaid!

Okay so I won't turn into a mermaid but how cool would that be? I used to love watching The Little Mermaid and I thought Ariel was so cool! Anyways its 1 week away from my first 10k in the Mermaid Series in Mountain View next week!

I'm excited for this because another Team Challenge teammate Kathryn will be doing a 5k and I also some friends that may be doing the 10k with me. I obviously am not that good with running with others because I'm such a slow poke but I love experiencing fun things with other people. Also my family will be here and they'll get to see me run for the first time!

I got this welcome newsletter from the organizers of The Mermaid Series today..

" Hello Mermaid Athletes!

The hills are green, the wildflowers are out and spring is in the air. Get up, get outside and enjoy the beauty. Nature is calling and so is the start line for our Mountain View 5K, 10K, Half Marathon on April17th. The trails will be buzzing as over one thousand Mermaids kick up their heels.

Mermaid Run Mountain View
Join in the excitement and start your spring with some 100% Mermaid fun at the Mountain View run. "

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I am also SUPER excited for the Mermaid Run! :)

    We will have to be sure to meet up at the race so we can take a picture in our mermaid shirts!!


    See you in the morning for our Sat. group run!