Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is It Better to Run with a Buddy?

Look what article I found on Yahoo Shine!?

Becoming a runner: Is it better to run alone or with a buddy?

This is the perfect article for me because I think about this all the time! Since I've joined Team Challenge I have been trying to run with people on my practices but its so hard for me!

I either fall behind because I am slower than the other person or I am faster so I slow down so we can run together.

I do like running with someone when we are around the same pace because we push each other. If I slow down and see the other person faster then I will attempt to catch up and work out harder which is great!

I think what it is is that its hard for me to run with people and talk at the same time. I just breathe too heavy to try to run and talk at the same time. I end up just nodding my head at what you say. haha.

So do you guys like running with someone or are you like this person in this article and like to run by themselves?

I think running with someone better gives you opportunity to get better, running with someone slower gives you chance to keep them motivated, and running by yourself gives you relax time.

I see pros and cons in all. :)

Okay off to run. My last run for the week before my 10k on Saturday!! Tomorrow I will do a Turbo Kick Boxing class and then rest on Friday completely.

One more day and my family gets here!!!!

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