Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team Challenge Practice at Cisco Trail Tuesday April 6, 2010 at 6:30PM

My first Team Challenge practice of the week was at Cisco! This was my first time meeting with this group and I had a lot of fun. Pretty good turnout and wow talk about a HUGE campus! Cisco in San Jose goes for cities! I think it runs in Santa Clara, Milpitas, and San Jose.

Okay I decided to pretty much kill myself with doing two workouts. I don't know why I thought I would be fine. I took step class for lunch and then for team practice we did 3 miles and it hurt! My legs were burning and I was going so slow. It was kind of a disappointing workout for me because I just felt so behind compared to the rest of the group.

I just need to relax and not be over anxious. Plus this run was on gravel and I'm paranoid about my ankles since they are sensitive and the least thing I need to do is get injured!

The Cisco trail was interesting because it was on gravel, super windy, and right next to this open creek. I like running in the evenings a lot.

This week is supposed to be our recovery week so we're doing about 3 miles but I really can't wait to push my body and go for me. But I understand it needs to be gradual!

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