Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I Am Not Running..

Since training for this half marathon I've been trying to work out 5 to 6 times a week. Its so important to make your workout a routine and as part of your day. You wouldn't go a day without eating or brushing your teeth right? Okay that's extreme and obviously life gets in the way but I try really hard to make it happen. Weather that means trying to work out during lunch, waking up extra early, or going to the gym for 45 minutes. Whatever just do it! I keep telling myself it'll pay off.

With Team Challenge there are places and people to run with Monday through Thursday in Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, etc and then on Saturday we have our group practice. So I try to hit up these practices 3 times a week.

So what do I do on those other days? On those active recovery/cross training days?? I TAKE GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES! I LOVE taking classes at the gym. I am down to try any class once. I have a gym membership at 24 hour fitness and all of them have different classes at different times. I obviously have had some favorites and wanted to know if anyone is into group exercise classes too and what kind they like! I am down for suggestions for sure!

I love high cardio workouts that get the blood flowing, lots of high energy music, and jumping around!

Some of my favorites are:
- zumba
- step
- turbo kick boxing
- spinning

I'm not super into yoga as my main workout but I do enjoy it after a good workout to relax. But the poses can be super hard! Don't assume its just glorified stretching because people that do handstands are hard core!

Some of the classes that I'd love to try this year are:
- Bikram yoga
- Pilates
- Afro Belly Boogie
- Masala Bangra
- Aqua Class

OH! I tried Pi-Yo yesterday which is pilates and yoga and my abs are feeling it today! My core sucks so I'm glad I'm doing something to enhance it. haha.

So I work out at the following 24 HR fitnesses in the Bay. I'm letting you know so if you happen to be there you'll look for me. I have included their schedules for you too!
- East Arques in Sunnyvale
- Super Sport (MY FAVORITE!) next to Bay 101 in San Jose
- Moorpark in San Jose
- Fremont on Sunnyvale

24 Hour Fitness Instructor Recommendations:
- Akiko for Step and Turbo Kickboxing
- Miggy for Zumba
- Shirin for Spinning
- Vicky for Strength Training

These instructors may teach other classes too but those are the ones that I have taken!

Let me know what you guys do active recovery and cross training! Can't run everyday! ;)


  1. so good that you're incorporating cross-training into your schedule! it's important to give your running muscles a break sometimes : ) those classes sound like fun, too! my main form of cross-training right now is swimming as i'm hoping to do my first triathlon by the end of the year!

  2. Anya, you are an inspiration. Thank you!!