Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First 10k- DONE! An official Mermaid!

Today I completed my third race! Also it was my first 10k! I did the Mermaid Series 10k at Shorline, Mountain View at 8:45AM and it was the perfect day! The weather was perfect for running and I'm feeling a good sore right now. Also my family got to cheer me on at the finish line for the first time and that meant a lot to me.

We got to pick up our race packets the day before at Sports Basement and got 20% off. I swear I am living at Sports Basement. From having Team Challenge clinics there, needing some type of sports accessory, and now picking up my race packet I'm there every week! Other than racing itself I absolutely love the goody bags you get from these things! We got a really cute bag from Overland Equipment and you could have chosen grey, brown, blue, and red. In the bag you got some Luna Bar samples and some other coupons and advertisements from races. Not that many free samples but we did get a really cute shirt that I wouldn't just use working out. At the finish line we got this super cute necklace with a cute charm that says Mermaid Series and Run4it that matched black women's fit tee with the same lettering on it.

My friend Secira decided to do the race with me and I was so excited because this was her first one! I remember just two months ago I experienced putting on my bib, timing chip, the race buzz and anxiety, etc. When we started she ZOOMED ahead of me! I was hoping to be the same pace with her and felt bad for myself for a mile or so thinking wow this is her first race why can't I keep up?? Then I drew inspiration from the zip up hoodie I bought from the Mermaid booth from the morning that says. "Find your Happy Pace" I shouldn't have gotten down on myself for being slower than my friend because I am so proud that she came out to race for herself and that we got to experience it together. So I got over myself. haha. It just gaves me the opportunity to get better! I'm anxious to know what my time was so I can beat it on my next 10k!

Of course the race was staggered with half marathoners starting first, 5k, 10k, then mini mermaid run. These girls were soo adorable. My friend and I loved how the race was so women empowering! We were so awe-ed at seeing the women that were carrying their babies with them or using one of those super duper strollers.

The run itself was scenic with the lake/swamp to watch and distract myself. They had enough aid stations with either water, energy drink/food, etc. There were half marathon, 10k, and 5k turn around so you had to split the path with people running in one direction and the back the other direction. At some points it got somewhat congested so that was a bummer. But eventually I was running solo, enjoying my music, and the scenery. I'm glad the sun never came out because the breeze felt good. I did probably eat about 20 bugs tho! They kept swarming in front of people's faces and since I breathe through my mouth.. umm yeah. Oh well. haha.

I'm proud to say that I have never run 6 miles before and I did it today and I didn't stop. Yes I run pretty slow but my main goal is finishing and my second is improvement. I figure it'll come with experience.

I also got to try out some energy chews on my run and it definitely is not that big of a deal to run and chew at the same time. haha. I was smart to make sure the baggy was open in my pocket already!

I'm so happy tomorrow I get to rest my body again. Then its back on the grind on Monday! Running Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Cross training/active resting on Tuesday and Friday- resting on Wednesday aka doing long overdue errands like getting my tires checked and oil changed for my car.

One of my best friends is getting married this Saturday in SF so I have to work out hard to fit into this dress I bought! haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


  1. congrats anya! you should be super proud! improvement will come with time, for now just focus on enjoying this wonderful journey you're on. p.s. you look amazing! hope you had a great weekend with fam. yay fr your first 10k!!

  2. Congratulations, Anya!

    It's good to get a few of these under you belt prior to the BIG day. The energy of the other runners will carry you along. I agree, cute goodies. Too bad about the bugs, yuck.

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  4. Anya,

    THANKS!! I had sooo much fun at the Mermaid event! I knocked off close to 4 minutes to my 5K time :) The weather was perfect for the race, and the views were incredible of the bay. Congratulations on completing your first 10K!!

    The little mermaids were the icing on the cake - SO adorable! :)

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for surgery, it should be very minor and not put be back very much at all (thank goodness). I will definitely keep you updated!

    I really liked your idea of embroidery on the spirit cape, and may do something similar. How much did yours cost?

    Have a wonderful day!