Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay I'm sorry for the uber sad post about not getting into Nike Women's Marathon. I guess I assumed way too prematurely. So I think what happened was that my friend that got her credit card charged a couple days ago was because she was part of a group. Individuals have been informed today.

Below is the e mail confirmation I got from Nike! I was jumping with joy! Notice how they messed up on the coding and it didn't personalize my name in the e mail. Hate to say it but Nike needs to step their web development game up. Their website is so all over the place. Its really hard to find what you want- you have to navigate everywhere.

In case you don't know about Nike Women's Marathon. It is a marathon in San Francisco that has become crazy popular. This year will be its 7th year with about 20,000 people running in San Francisco. This is a race focused on women that supports The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in terms of raising funds and awareness.

Its going to be a jam packed weekend!

Every detail of the Nike Women's Marathon has been planned with a woman in mind. Who could resist:

_Official finisher necklace designed by Tiffany & Co.
_100% recycled Nike Dri-FIT finisher T-shirt in women's sizes (unique for both full and half participants)
_Lavish three day interactive Expotique in Union Square
_Breathtaking course views starting in Union Square and ending along the Pacific Ocean
_Extraordinary on-course support and entertainment
_Post-race celebration at the finish line including food, music and more

Race Date:
Sunday October 17, 2010

Start Location:
Union Square, San Francisco at 7AM

Finish Location:
The Great Highway (at Lincoln) by 1PM

Half Marathon - $115 (I'm doing this one!)
Full Marathon - $135

The Expotique and packet pick-up will be held in Union Square, at Geary & Stockton Streets, on the following dates and times*:

Thursday, October 14th
4pm – 8pm

Friday, October 15th

Saturday, October 16th

So this race is so popular the fews ways to get in are:
- random lottery (can enter individually or with a group- can't do both or you will be disqualified) (The lottery was April 5 to 16, 2010)
- Team in Training (joining a group that will help you train while raising about 2600.00 - more or less depending on travel expenses)
- Syncing your Nike Plus and being part of a contest (this doesn't seem like a sure bet but it was on the site.)

I got in by lottery! I feel super special to get in- 40,000 people apply and only half get in. The lottery system has become so popular recently because of the popularity of marathons. I am so happy that people are choosing to be active while supporting a good cause!

So far a few of my friends have gotten and a few haven't but I do believe there is a way. I really wish that EVERYONE could get in because we'd all have so much fun but I say either try by doing TNT or trying to participate in the Nike Plus. If not do commit yourself to another race! Keep up the good work!

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