Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running While on Vacation- Napa tonight!

So I am taking a mini vacay with my sorority sisters and some of their friends this weekend in Napa! I will be missing yet another Team Challenge Group practice this weekend and this time it was in SF :(

I'm actually going to try to check out the course that I will be running for my half marathon in July this weekend!

Even tho I have been really busy with random stuff, I want to stay true to the practices we have to do in order to be ready for the half marathon in July so I will run on my vacation! I think that takes A LOT of energy. I mean working out sounds like such a chore but I think if you think about it more like a routine and something you HAVE to do like brush your teeth or eat then its not so bad.

I'm hoping the weather will be nice and after my run I will congratulate myself with some wine tasting. Can't go wrong with that!!

Oh since I got into Nike Women's Marathon I won't be doing San Jose Rock n Roll because they are so close to each other but if anyone is doing that I have a promo code for $10.00 off that expires on July 31, 2010. Feel free to use it.

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  1. How fun! Although it's hard to think of running in the middle of wine country as a chore, haha. Enjoy the views and the rest of your weekend!

  2. Awe have FUN!!!! Its nice to take some time away. But not stop our goals. Im proud of you Anya. :)