Monday, May 3, 2010

Ready for a Running Challenge

Last last weekend when I ran 7 miles at Los Gatos Creek Trail and was able to finish and didn't feel any crazy pain it felt so GOOD because it was a new distance I had never run before. I am soo ready for that. The last couple practices I've been running an average of 3 miles and its become a warm up. That's soo crazy considering that's the same amount of a 5k and I swear I could not run 1 mile to save my life in January of this year.

I was in Napa this last weekend with a bunch of my girlfriends and we were dubbed GIRLS GONE WINE TASTING! We had such a great trip and I made sure that I did not slack off on practice even though I was not able to make it with Team Challenge.

I still woke up earlier than the girls to do a run around downtown Napa and then the hardest part was coming back on Sunday all relaxed from a 3 day weekend and finishing the week by running. The cool thing about running is that you can do it anywhere. I decided to run around Almaden Lake and discovered Los Alamitos Trail! I love running on a trail instead of the street because you are stopping less and usually its some type of scenery so you're not thinking about the running as much. Its great to be auto pilot.

Beautiful Downtown Napa

This will be my 7th week of training with Team Challenge and this weekend we are doing 7 miles at Sawyer Camp Trail! New trail! yay! Finally I'll be able to make it to Group Practice since I've missed the last two.

Here is what I missed from last week in SF..

So this week I want to buy a fuel belt! I've yet to find something I really like. I'm looking into a Nathan or Fuel Belt brand. I'll have to go to Sports Basement and take advantage of the 10% off they are giving to Team Challenge people! I'll let you guys know what I end up with. I need to start training with one so I get used to having it around my waist!

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  1. you're wine tasting weekend looks like so much fun! good job fitting in a run, too : ) as for fuel belts, i use a brand called iFitness and LOVE it!! it doesn't carry water, but in a race there will be water stations approx. every 2 miles, and for long runs by myself i use a handheld water bottle. i just don't like having something big around my waist. iFitness has a few different options (check out the double pocket fuel belt. good luck finding a belt that works for you!