Thursday, May 27, 2010

My First Half Marathon 7 Weeks Away!

I am getting really excited about the idea of running a half marathon and accomplishing that goal. This year I've crossed over so many fitness obstacles and I think its great that their is always something to look forward to.

On Saturday Team Challenge practice will have us run 9 miles which will be the first time I'm doing that so its great! I'll have my fuel belt on, a Gu, and my Nike Phantom shorts!

I forgot to post this article that Bel had sent the team and I think these are such great tips!

First Marathon Survival Guide

A few things that stood out for me were:

- Don't try to run with a buddy
- Bringing toilet paper in case you have to use the yucky port-a-potties
- Don't have a time goal

Its so cool that I'll be running with part of Team Challenge and knowing I was a part fighting for the cure of Crohn's and Coltiis.

Also I am hoping to meet Valerie Berinelli too! She's planning to run it this year and also Sara Rue the new spokesperson! These women have lost so much weight and I am so happy for them. Check out the article about them running in Napa to Sonoma half marathon here.

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