Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump Say What?? 8 Miles in the bag!

I knew this week was going to busy because of all of my birthday festivities this weekend so I had to fit my training in!

What helps me look forward to this 8 mile run today were the following:
- new music (I currently am really into Charice featuring Iyaz- Pyramid)
- challenging my body to a new distance
- being alone. I find myself so stressed from work I just need to escape in my head.
- new Nike Shorts! I think I am now able to run in shorts because they completely worked out for me today. I found Nike shorts that have a spandex lining instead of that granny panties thing inside and its GREAT. They are called Nike Dri-FIT Phantom Performance Women's Training Shorts!!

- Trying Gu for the first time (Vanilla Bean flavor) I think it worked because I took it at 5 miles and I didn't feel too tired after that. UGH but eating that stuff for the first time was weird. It took me almost an entire mile to eat the whole thing. Its a lot and its super filling. Gu will have to be a completely separate blog entry.

I did my run at Los Gatos Creek Trail and since it was overcast today it was somewhat dark at 6pm already. I don't ever suggest that women go run alone. I was pretty scared the entire time but I made it. I might run with pepper spray next time if I go in the evening.. or have someone join me!

Only 2 days until this week is over and the weekend can begin!!!


  1. great job on the 8 miles! before you know it that will be nothing : ) vanilla was my first Gu flavor and i've stuck with it ever since - it's weird to get used to it but eventually it becomes normal. i've been meaning to check those shorts out, too. you'll have to let me know how they work out on future runs!

  2. We missed you at Stanford and I really admire you for getting through this on your own.

    Anything over 6 miles takes a lot of mental fortitude. Bravo for you!