Tuesday, May 4, 2010


You guys cannot even imagine how happy I am right now!!

I joined Team Challenge on March 16, 2010 and not even 2 months later I have hit my goal of $2600.00 and then some! I am so impressed by people's generosities and I thank all of you so much that have donated towards this cause.

Here is the screen shot of me being over 100% Its just an amazing feeling knowing that this money will go towards the cure of Crohn's and Colitis. I have met many people on this journey that have been affected by the disease and I truly believe together we can fight this!

Team Challenge is not something that I ever thought of joining but I am so glad I got bit by the running bug and I am so glad I committed myself to these little goals.

Shout out to my Mother that has been campaigning like crazy for me since day 1 and has gotten over 50% of my goal met by her friends. I love you and Yai so much!!

Shout out to my boyfriend, friends, friends of friends, friends of family, friends coworker, and co workers for being so generous. Thank you for doing the company matching and thank you to your employers for matching your fundraising! I will represent you at my first half marathon happening Sunday July 18, 2010 from Napa to Sonoma.

Thank you thank you thank you to all of your generosity! Not only with the money you donated but your kind words that have encouraged me through this whole process!

- Secira Botic
- Rachel Chen
- Joy Chiou
- Sung Chung
- Brittany Cooper
- Wembi Dimanja
- Allison Dypac
- Ellen Joy Florendo
- Emmalee Garcia
- Angela Harris (and Tony!)
- Anthony Harris
- Chelsea Hopkins (and John!)
- Ali Iravani
- Kit Ko
- Su Le (and Rhodalea!)
- Jackie Li
- Northbound LLC (and Mala!)
- Kristina Loughery
- Jenna Maskell
- Laura McFarlane
- Debbie McGuire
- Edgar and Amy Mendoza
- Magnolia Muyot
- Steven Myer
- Liz Naegle
- Vy Nguyen
- Cindy Njoku
- Kelly Plossl
- Somchit Sertthin
- Danielle Stead
- Roumsin Supasakorn
- Jeorge Tagnipes
- Marasri Tilakumolkul
- Paul Togonon
- Shirley Truong
- Galina Velikanov
- Medhi and Nalida Wangpaichitri
- Niilo Wangpaichitri (P Mine and P Pat!)
- Greg Wasserman
- Rachel Watkins
- Stacy Wong


  1. yay congrats! i know you worked really hard to get here and you should be very proud of yourself. i'm so excited for you to cross that finish line in July!!

  2. That is soooo great! im so happy for you. I think thats the hardest part in doing a marothon or half. Its the rasing of the money. Now the easy part.. LOL Keep running I love you and Im so proud of you my sweet friend