Monday, May 24, 2010

Goal of doing 25 miles for being 25!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had such an amazing time this weekend! It was another weekend that I had to miss my Saturday morning run with Team Challenge but I made sure to run my 8 miles in order to stay on track with training.

Celebrating my bday weekend with a stop at Asian Art Museum in SF with one of my best friends "Wifey" Laura. This statue is called 3 heads 6 arms

I went 3 days without doing any type of workout other than partying so I was anxious for today's run. Ran around Campbell Community Track and did a little over 5 miles. Even my mentor Deanna said isn't it crazy that my first run of the week is the same distance of what was considered a long run a month or so ago? Its fun to see the progress of your body.

Blowing out my bday candles at Asia SF

We got our second half of training schedule for our half marathon in July and I decided to challenge myself by doing the Intermediate Runner level even though I feel like a beginner. My goal is to do 3 runs a week and today I did 5 miles, the next I do 4, and this Saturday I do 9! Before you know it I'll be in double digits!

So while running around the track today my goal is to run 25 miles in one week for turning 25! I think that's an attainable goal. I mean if my body can handle a full marathon than that mileage won't matter but I want to make sure my body is okay with a half marathon first.

Can you believe that the weather is still crappy even tho its the end of May?? Well here's to productive week! Oh and looking forward to a 3 day weekend!! Countdown begin for Meorial Day weekend!

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  1. happy birthday anya! judging from all your pics it looks like you had a fabulous weekend : ) it sounds like training is going really well so far, keep it up!