Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Before and After Pictures!!

It amuses me so much when I go back and look at pictures of when I was a lot bigger and what I am now. I am very proud of my body transformation and understand that this can't be a fad- its a lifestyle change. I really don't want to go back to the days where I was so limited on things to do or wear because of my size.

I literally did not allow myself to wear sleeveless shirts so that meant no halters, tank tops, tube tops, BATHING SUITS etc. I would only wear dark flowy tops that hid my belly and I would have to turn my body sideways all the time in pictures.

Its so weird how I just let myself go like I gave up and then ended up being 175 lbs at my heaviest. Literally one day I woke up and was like omg I can't do this and started to lose weight. Well I def put an action plan together. Cut portion dramatically and increase gym from once or none a week to 5 times a week! I had lost about 20 lbs last year but then I moved up to the Bay area in August 2009 and gained 10 lbs. I was adjusting to the So Cal and Nor Cal change! haha no excuses tho. This was also another inspiration to join Team Challenge.

This year I got bit by the running bug and lost 20 lbs since January. So to date I've lost about 40 lbs. Today on the scale I was 133.2 lbs. What a difference.

This entry is my inspiration to never go back to that point. It takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and dedication but let me tell you - its way worth it to not look at yourself in the morning and hate your body.

Going to a Jay Z concert

Bday party at the end of 2007 - can this dress be any more shapeless?

This wasn't even that long ago but 10+ lbs make a big difference

I wore the same outfit from above and boy did it feel different. :)

Wedding in SF- Some people from college didn't even recognize me!

It may be hard to imagine but I didn't even allow myself to wear simple t shirts because I didn't want it to hug my body so its nice to wear t shirts now!

Let this blog entry be some type of inspiration to you or a good job at already doing this! ANYONE can lose weight as long as you keep at it. Don't let anyone bring you down. Life is short.

Disclaimer: People are beautiful in all shapes and sizes this entry is aimed for people that may want to lose some weight, a lot of weight, or become healthier. Its not meant for any ill will or bashing.


  1. You look fantastic! All your hard work has definitely paid off : )

  2. Anya, you are a beautiful woman either way.

    However, now, you are healthier as well. That is the biggest bonus of all... more time, more options, more energy and positive feedback.

    There is no downside to taking care of oneself.

  3. WOW BABE!!! You look amazing. It so funny how you dont even realize how much youhave gained and lost untill you put pictures together! You are beautiful and im so proud of you. keep it up! Im running right behind you!