Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is your BMI? (Body Mass Index)

I was reading this article about the US being the third fattest country and it makes me so sad. I feel like with our day and age even kids are obese because with technology not many kids are spending time outside being active.

Well of course thats where Obama comes in because he wants to get more money towards after school programs to keep kids active and out of trouble.

So this article by Global Post called: Behold the World's 10 Fattest Country

This is measured through BMI (body mass index) a calculation based on a person’s height and weight. I don't know if I would use this chart to determine is you are "normal" or "overweight" just because I am pretty short and for the longest time I fell in the "overweight" category but I don't think I was THAT big. So anyway if you are curious about your BMI here is the calculator.

I am making little efforts to be more active like when I go to Target taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking my car further so I'll walk more, sitting on a balance ball for work, finding classes that I like at the gym so I'll be encouraged to go, telling people that I am going to the gym so they can hold me to it. What are you doing to be more healthy?

We can do it together!

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