Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer is Here Baby!

I am so freaking happy that it is summer. I am so over the rain. I've never dealt with so much of it. The Bay is no joke when it comes to the horrible weather but of course it could be worse. We definitely don't get this much down in LA that's for sure.

Oh it was a hot day today even at 8:30AM!

Today was recovery practice and we did 4 miles at Los Gatos Trail. The hills killed me. I was disappointed I wasn't able to run the entire thing- the heat was just too much for me.

Okay let's go all the way to the top..

We had a great clinic after our workout where we were taught about how to properly stretch before and after your workout. Its also important to stretch when you're not working out. We got to test out some foam rollers and it really gets to do the tender areas! I totally recommend it.

Going to the top of the dam was worth it! With Mentor Sean

I'm glad that we only did 4 miles today because I have MUDDY BUDDY tomorrow with Tina! I'm so excited for it! I got my bike checked out to make sure its running well, I bought my disposable camera, and I have my outfit laid out.

6 weeks until our half marathon in Napa!

Oh and this hot weather is amazing!!

More pictures from today's practice here.

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