Thursday, June 17, 2010

11 Miles- I win

2 more days until I join my beautiful sorority sisters for a weekend full of dancing, drinking, and taking pictures in Vegas! So I'm missing yet another Team Challenge group practice on Saturday but I make sure to keep up with training during the week!

Happy Hump Day for me where I completed 11 miles! Its really exciting to do a new distance and then when you're finished not only say you did it but realize that you can. I ran at Los Gatos Creek Trail. My favorite trail to run around here because their are rolling hills, tunnels, lakes, a dog park, etc. Just lots of things to look at while you're running so you can get distracted.

For the first time going for a run I actually felt nervous doing 11 miles like wow can I do this? Then I shook off the nerves and just went for it. Whats the worse that could happen? I do a run/walk. I'm proud to say that I did run the whole thing- slow at times but I did it. It took about 2 hours to do the whole thing.

Some of the things I realized during my run:
- I have to put my fuel belt really tight and make sure it stays pushed down by or past my hip bones in order to not bounce. I also face my fuel belt to the front where most people turn it towards the back. Its a preference thing for sure.
- Energy gel does work! I was getting fatigued by mile 7 and when I took it I felt okay for mile 9 and on. Plus its a nice way to distract yourself by trying to scarf down this weird textured item while running.
- I really need to remember to wear a visor or hat! The sun in my face was really annoying.
- I want to invest in sporting sunglasses so that they don't slip off my face while I'm running.
- I want to make sure I have 2 energy gels during my run.
- I need more than water during these long runs- I will try Gatorade next time.
- How much music is so important and can really motivate you to keep going. I LOVE my playlist. I put a lot of effort into high energy music I enjoy.
- Saying out loud YOU CAN DO IT helps. I try to do this when their is a period of time where no is around so I won't get weird looks. haha.
- When it hurts- SMILE. Puff out your chess, look forward, and just smile. It totally helps me be positive.
- When you see a hill, don't be alarmed because what goes up must come down. So yes the hill sucks but the downhill will be awesome.

Okay TONIGHT is another night I'm taking off from working out. LOL I've only worked out twice this week and the rest of the week is not happening because of fun festivities. Just one of those weeks.

Tonight two cool things are happening.
1. Going to a Team Challenge Mentor Recruitment meeting! The ability to come back to Team Challenge participants and help them reach their fitness and fundraising goals just like they helped me is so intriguing! Hopefully I am qualified and am able to do it this upcoming season because the next event is LAS VEGAS HALF MARATHON in December!

2. NBA FINALS TONIGHT!!! My Lakers have made it all the way to a Game 7 and we are looking to bring back another ring tonight. This would be Kobe Bryant's fifth which ties him up with Magic Johnson and one less than the all time great Michael Jordan. A lot is at stake because this is against our rival Boston Celtics who embarrassed us in 2008 with a 39 point blowout in the 6th game. If we win it would be Lakers 17th championship and if Boston wins it would be their 18th. So us winning would make us tied up for Championships. Thats what we want closer to be dominant. We are coming back for revenge and our REPEAT. Wish my Lakers luck tonight. Its all or nothing tonight!

Winner takes this big trophy home! Go Lakers!

My beloved starting line up for the Lakers

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