Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last Team Challenge Group Practice...


WOW. I am only 7 days away from my first half marathon in Napa for the Napa to Sonoma half marathon.

Where has the time go?! Seems like yesterday when I was starting my first blog, creating my fundraising website, and training to run. I went from not being able to run 1 mile in January to doing my first 5k in February. Then from that point doing 3 other 5k's and a 10k within 4 months! Also being able to lose 25 lbs was pretty cool too. ;) Okay and all the training I've been doing through out the week and with the group. I've done up to 12 miles!

Me and Tina in our race jerseys!

So in essence I feel ready. I feel physically and mentally ready to tackle this 13.2 miles and even though some of my friends say its going to be "easy" for me. I know its not. When I did 11 or 12 miles I was gritting my teeth with beads of sweat going down my face and that wasn't comfortable- but I did it. My only goal this upcoming Sunday is to FINISH. Everything else in terms of timing will fall into place later.

Breakfast for our last group practice this season

Our last Team Challenge practice was at Stanford for the Campus Drive Loop that was 4 miles finishing at the track. Since I was sore the day before from doing Mission Peak in Fremont I really kept it easy. Plus it got really hot at 9am! I do believe the weather in Napa will be in the high 80's but since we are starting so early hopefully it'll be fine.

It WAS SO NICE to see everyone that came to the mandatory meeting today! I missed the last 3 weekends of group practice because of Vegas, a wedding, and Disneyland so it was nice to see everyone. We got to hear the breakdown of the weekend and I am just getting so amped for it! Not only completing the half marathon but seeing my family! My mom and grandma are flying up Friday evening to catch all the action.

Last group photo! Until I stalk everyone again next season..

We got to decorate our bright orange jerseys so I put Anya R on it. Not majorly creative but hey so people will know who I am! haha.

It was bittersweet our last practice but it makes me excited that we've come such a long way and my journey with Team Challenge is not over yet! I am super excited to be coming back as a Team Challenge Mentor for the half marathon in Las Vegas.

Another Team Challenge Mentor MaryBeth and I even went to Los Gatos Half Marathon/10k this morning at 6AM to promote for people to find out more information about Team Challenge! Hey- that's how I found out and joined so that is the best way to do it is just to go out there.

So this week I am going to relax and run on Wednesday a nice and easy 3 miles. I will continue to stretch through out the weekend and just get excited about the whole thing!

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  1. so excited for you! can't wait to hear all about it : )