Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Group Training for Las Vegas Half Marathon Completed!

Wow I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a month! Things have been pretty hectic for me. Some of the things I've been up to are:

- Starting a new job
- Moving little by little into my best friend's town house in Santa Clara
- Volunteering with Hands on Bay Area
- Recruiting for Team Challenge!

But since we just had our first Saturday Group Training at Sports Basement I am juiced up! I am super excited to be back with Team Challenge as a Mentor and seeing the program in a completely different light.

Great turnout for our first group practice!

I was able to recruit 3 of my friends to be part of Team Challenge (their donation pages are to the left linked with their names along with my other Mentees.) I am super excited for them to train for this half marathon taking place in Vegas!

Running with Gr!

Our first group training yesterday felt really good! 3 miles! Haven't run that long of a distance since Napa to Sonoma half marathon :/ Its so easy to get caught up with life and neglect your workouts. Being with Team Challenge gives me a higher commitment and I so welcome the training.

Ready for the Shoe Clinic!

It was great to meet more Team Challenge participants!

I'll be in Chicago this week on vacation so I'll miss my Thursday Mentor Lead training but I'm glad I'll get to run on Tuesday before my trip!

Here's to a wonderful season coming up!

Pictures from yesterday here.

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