Sunday, June 10, 2012

Being Laid Off.. Means More Training!

Just finished my fourth week of Sprint Triathlon Training and I am getting really excited about the idea of being a triathlete!

 In the midst of my training I never would have thought I would get laid off from work but indeed I did. My company was recently acquired and about half of the work force did not make the transition. My initial reaction was OH NO! But after thinking about it- there is a silver lining.

First of all I am thankful that I started my Fundraising right away and hit my goals! Most of the people that helped me were family, friends, but also coworkers.

Second of all while I'm searching for the next awesome job opportunity I get to train and workout out more! I get to take classes that are in the middle of the day (that I used to wonder who took.) I've never had the title of "Unemployed" before but when life gives you lemons- make lemonades.

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