Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

I can't believe that my last blog post was in January! Flipping almost 11 months ago!

So.. while re-reading what I wanted to accomplish in 2011 I am excited to share that I DID accomplish some of those.. and unfortunately am in the same place for some as well. :(

Nothing to be too down on because tomorrow is a new day and today I have the opportunity to embrace CHANGE. Again always easier said than done.

So some highlights this year was that I DID manage to do not 12 but 14 RACES! I would say it was really aggressive and not sure I can top the type of races next year but I can definitely try.

The races I did were the following:

1. Kaiser Half Marathon in SF (February)
2. Chinese New Year Run 5k in SF (February)
3. St. Patricks' Day Run 5k in Los Gatos (March)
5. Santa Cruz Half Marathon (April)
6. Presidio 10 miler in SF (April)
7. Mermaid Series Sirena 18 miler in Fremont (May)
8. See Jane Run Half Marathon in Alameda (June)
9. Mermaid Series Duathlon in Alameda (June)
10. Giants Plate to Plate 10k in SF (August)
11. Nor Cal Series Half Marathon in San Jose (September)
12. Nike Women's Half Marathon in SF (October)
13. Morgan Hill Half Marathon (October)
14. Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in San Jose (November)

Ahh its nice to reminisce on all the races accomplished.

My favorite is always Nike Women's but the race that I really enjoyed was Santa Cruz Half Marathon. The Finish Line is on the beach! The yellow lanyard with the pretty metal was nice too.

I'm really hoping to commit to a post once a week.

I have so many new things I want to accomplish next year and finish this year with a bang!!

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