Friday, March 26, 2010

Before and After Pictures!

So I've always been a medium girl. Every time I go shopping I can always bank on getting a medium size and it would work out.

Somehow the transition from being on the volleyball team in high school, to being in a sorority in college, and then a desk job after college my body took a toll. I gradually gained weight. I felt like I was eating the same way - not very healthy but I was still gaining weight! Obviously as I get older my metabolism is slowing down and without the activities of going out all the time or riding my bike through UCSB campus it was all catching up to me.

Its funny how one deals with weight gain too. Instead of working out and eating less which is a sure sign of losing weight. Burning more calories than consuming is key I ADAPTED to it. I started buying bigger size clothes, larges, extra larges. I started wearing flowy tops, no sleeveless shirts, and banning myself from shorts. It was torture! Also looking at all my small friends I always felt jealous like how come I can't be like that.

Well since I start working out 5 times a week, giving myself fitness goals like this week run 5 miles for 3 days, and eating less I've lost weight and feel much better about myself!

I have a little bit to go but I've made progress.

Weight breakdown:
High School 2003: 135 lbs
End of Freshman Year of College 2004: 140 lbs
By the end of graduation 2007: 165 lbs
By the end of 2007: 175 lbs (this was my heaviest)
By the end of 2008: 165 lbs (trying to work out)
By the end of 2009: 155 lbs
RIGHT NOW MARCH 2010: 138.8 LBS!!!!

My goal is to get to 135 lbs or LESS. I'm hoping my training for a half marathon and eating better will get me there. Check out the pictures below.

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