Friday, March 19, 2010

Work Out Gear

Happy Friday! Its such a lovely day out here in the Bay Area!

I went for a quick run around my apartment complex last night and realized that what you work out in really makes a difference. I've personally always stuck with capris because there is some breathing room for my ankles and I don't have to worry about my legs chaffing. Eventually I would like to wear shorts so its more light weight but with my thick thighs that could be a problem. I'll keep you updated.

Here is my average workout gear break down. I usually hit the gym or even run races with this stuff on just because I am so comfortable with it. What do you guys wear?

On my head:
I like to obviously have my hair in a high pony tail but I also wear a thin elastic Puma headband as well so my little frays won't bother my face.

I've always wanted to wear those cute little sports bra tanks that I see athletic girls wear but I'm so self conscience about my stomach that I end up wearing a lose t shirt. I actually really like wearing free t shirts that I get from various events or the many sorority shirts I still have from my college days. Check out this cute tank I found on Zazzle!

Underneath the Shirt:
Okay as a woman it is so important to have a supportive sports bra to support your girls. I personally need ones that hold them tightly down so they are not all over the place. My favorite brand is Champion and I find really good deals at Target and Marshalls for usually 10.00 or less. I don't like the sport bras that are really flimsy or the ones with the wire- they hurt. Just ones that are nice and supportive so its not painful when you start running fast.

Capri Pants!
I mean any brand will do but I really like capri stretch pants from Adidas. I like the spandex material and they have to be elastic waistband. I can't do the draw string stuff because they will just slide off of me. I will eventually try shorts because Nike has such cute ones and of course I'll let you know when.

Oh gosh it is so important what type of shoes you wear when you are working out. I am a big fan of Nike because I've always liked the Shox. When I started running more heavily I decided to buy actual running shoes. I went to this really cute store in San Jose called Athletic Performance and they were so nice to me! They were looking at the arch of my feet and having me test out the shoes on a tread mill! That is some customer service. I ended up going up half a size and it worked out great. I wear the Nike Women's Zoom Structure Triax +3 and I love them! I wish I had gotten them in pink instead of red but it had to match my Nike Sport Band. These are Nike Plus shoes which you put the sensor in under the sole on the left shoe to track everything on your sport band. Yes I will have a review for this!

Okay you would think that any type of socks would do but everyone has a different preference. I like the short socks but you have to make sure they are not too short and thin that they run down your ankles. Ugh hate that. I got these socks from Athletic Performance for free and they are soo nice! They are so cushion-y and comfortable. On the pricey side for 8.50 a pair but they are way nice for important runs like on race days. They are by Balega Sports in pink!

Okay this is a pretty thorough break down of what I like to wear when I work out but I always like to look at other people's outfits and they look so cute! Its not as important to look cute versus comfortable but hey.. it doesn't hurt!

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  1. ahhh buying running gear is so much fun! i was a pants/capri girl for the longest time for the same reason, but have recently switched to shorts and love them! the most important thing though is using body glide on the inner thighs to prevent's a lifesaver! i wear the same champion sports bras too : ) and i have those socks! when you start doing long runs and need a fuel belt, i HIGHLY recommend the iFitness brand.