Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fundraiser Clinic #1 at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale Tuesday March 30, 2010 at 6:30PM

Yesterday I attended a very informative clinic about different and creative ways to fundraise!

As part of this new adventure of joining Team Challenge not only am I running a half marathon for all those affected by Crohn's and Colitis but also committing myself to raising $2600.00 for the CURE of the disease.

Our Fundraiser clinic at Sports Basement was really informative. There are so many creative ways to ask for money and depending on your comfort level you may like e mails, facebook, or you may want to ask face to face.

Here are some neat tricks that I learned:
- Making a list of everyone that you come in contact with and let them know what you are up to and make sure to follow up!
- Put a deadline on asking for money because its easy for people to forget!
- "Cookies for Crohn's" doing a fun fundraiser- selling cookies
- Putting a link at the bottom of your e mail signature of your donation page

I actually bought a bag of candy and put labels on them that say "Help Anya Ratanawan raise $2600.00 by July for the cure of Crohn's and Colitis and running a half marathon!" With the Team Challenge Logo and my donation site on there. I gave these little candies out to people at my work, my book club meeting, people at my gym, etc. Just a fun way to give out candy and hopefully getting people to donate!

One of my fellow Team Challenge teammates Brian and Bel also posted about how Cisco does corporate matching for $50.00 and up! So for people that work for Cisco or you know work for Cisco hit them up to do a donation so the company could match! Here is the article that explains the step by step. Cisco corporate matching.

You may find that your work does corporate matching too! Ask your HR department to be sure. :) Can you imagine? Pool in money of $300.00 and get $600.00. Amazing!

Also another Team Challenge teammate, Twila owns a Party Lite Consultant business and is allowing Team Challenge members to participate getting 50% of the sales! Check out her catalogue and let me know if you like anything. :)

There are also upcoming events that I can sell tickets for and fundraise that way!

May 7th- One of the Team Challenge Mentors Sean Roth will be playing with his band at Mt Charlie's Saloon in Los Gatos!

June 5th- Indian Dinner- place and price TBA.

So far I am 59% to my fundraising goal thanks to all of you! That's $1530.00 out of $2600.00! I appreciate all the love and support!

I'm so excited for tomorrow's Team Challenge Practice in Los Gatos and of course the one on Saturday at Stanford!

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