Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Team Challenge Kick Off Party at Savvy in Redwood City!

I went to the Team Challenge Kick Off party tonight with Anthony (my boyfriend and personal cheerleader) and I had so much fun meeting everyone! We met up at Savvy Cellar Wine Bar and Wine Shop.

Its pretty much official now huh? I'm really gonna do this whole half marathon thing. The more I talk about it the less scary it seems and the more exciting it gets! I think I have officially been bit by the running bug!

Met Bel and her boyfriend Brian. She was able to influence her boyfriend to be part of Team Challenge too and that got her a cute Team Challenge hat! Congrats!

Jill (one of the mentors) and "the guy she married" Her words! haha

At the Kick Off Party it was nice to see Breanne Long (Endurance Manager), Honorees, and Mentors that I met at the Informational Meeting but also all the new faces!

Got to meet my mentor Deanna Morris! Also the other girls on my team Audrey, Michelle, and Kathryn.

There was yummy wine and cheese at Savvy and I felt so special having the place closed for this special event!

We also played a game called Human Bingo and that gave us a chance to match the neat facts to people in the room. Some of the memorable facts were:
- Speaking Norwegian
- Having eat a crayon
- Having Crohn's
- Watching cooking shows
- Favorite food being chocolate

There were a lot more on the sheet and it was fun finding out who the facts belonged to! I also won a Team Challenge hat for completing the Human Bingo with two other ladies!

At the end of the meeting Breanne had a few more announcements by introducing and re-introducing the mentors and our coach Randy. (And you so don't take bad pictures like you said- you look great Randy!)

Our First Group Training is at 9:30AM for 3 miles at San Thomas Trail and the Equipment Clinic/Gait Analysis right after at 11AM at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale. I can't wait to see all of you there! I'm sad I won't be running with you- I want to save my energy for the 5k I am doing later that night at the Oakland Running Festival. :)

**I am at 51% of my goal for donations at $1335.00 out of 2600.00!!!**

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  1. sounds like fun! congrats on being halfway there with fundraising!!