Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ooohhhh A CAPE!

I love that I was given the Team Challenge Peninsula Team Spirit Cape!

This is a cape that is given to a "spirited" individual on Team Challenge. I am so excited to be the first person to get it! So we are responsible for decorating it and then it gets passed to someone different every week!

Breanne (our endurance manager) gave me a cute tote bag that had puffy paint to decorate the cape but due to my lack of coordination and creativity I chose to embroider my cape! I embroidered right underneath the TEAM CHALLENGE PENINSULA TEAM.. my name spelled out and my blog name! "Anya Ratanawan Live.Run.Donate" and of course in my favorite color pink!

Surprisingly its not that easy to find a place to embroider a single item. After calling several places that I found from Yelp and being referred to different groups and getting different quotes I went with Custom Apparel by Susan Kay! I was able to get a quote over the phone, come into their store, and pick it up in 2 days!

I love the way it turned out and can't wait to rock it at tomorrow's Training Practice! Mentors host a practice everyday of the week except Friday at various places in the Peninsula/South Bay. And of course our group practice on Saturday!

I am running tomorrow rain or shine! I'm hoping its shine tho. ;)


  1. cute!! a cape sounds like so much fun! have a great run tomorrow : )

  2. I love your cape!! I will be running at Cisco tomorrow so I won't be there to see you rock it - but I LOVE IT!!!

    I will be running the mermaid run as well :) A girlfriend of mine and I signed up for it! CANT WAIT!

    You're such an inspiration, girlie!